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Haute Skillet is a Catering Company that provides San Luis Obispo Catering
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"She can often be found at the local farmers' markets searching out the best quality ingredients."

Meet Chef Anna

    Chef Anna Andriese's innovative compilations of high quality ingredients and made-from-scratch breads emphasize her ideology when it comes to serving natural, healthy and organic products.  She can often be found at the local farmers' markets searching out the best quality ingredients. Her formal education from the world renowned Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley gave her a foundation which she can use in even the most high-end restaurants, but mobile gourmet catering is the medium in which she chooses.
    Her experience at well known restaurants is a testament to her honest passion for foods and flavors, but the origin of her passion began much earlier than her professional career.  She never doubted the urge to work with food, which she felt from a very early age.
    The ingredients she chooses exemplify her unwillingness to compromise simply for profit.  Her "truck ciabatta" bread is made daily from raw ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast; no preservatives, no ingredients with names that are difficult to pronounce, and made with her bare hands.  As any skilled individual can understand, pride is not an ingredient or material that may be added in a tangible sense, but the evidence of it is clearly apparent in the final product.  
    Haute Skillet is proud to feature the cuisine of this passionate chef and we invite your taste buds to experience the product of her passion.



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Making your day "special."

What inspires us?  Food.  Haute Skillet's chef, Anna Andriese, has talents that are well applied to culinary arts.  Couple these talents with a formal education from one of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the country, and it's a recipe for success (pun intended).  Each wedding is as unique as the individuals in which it is comprised of.  Our philosophy is not only to provide the same great service at every wedding, but to provide different great service based on the needs and wants of the Clients.  We love sharing our unique foods and services with everyone, from the bride and groom to the uncle "and other" that you've never met but will still be attending your wedding.  The fact is that everyone eats.  We love setting the stage for the dining experience that is essentially a medium for a social gathering of friends and families, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide food that satisfies their wide variety of palates.  Haute Skillet strives to please its clients in all their uniqueness and originality.  From comfort food to five star cuisine, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of their respective needs and wants.



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P.O. Box 13432, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Tel: 805.298.0734  |  Email: Info@HauteSkilletTruck.com


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Tel: 805.298.0734  |  Email: Info@HauteSkilletTruck.com


Haute Skillet Catering + Events is an esteemed full service catering company in San Luis Obispo, California, focusing in wedding catering, events, social occasions, graduations, birthdays, and food truck catering, with the best quality staff that will ensure that you have a customized event that reflects your personal needs.

Haute Skillet Catering + Events provides services in Santa Ynez, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Santa Margarita, Atascadero, Templeton, and Paso Robles, with the ability to travel with an onsite kitchen to your destination with our exclusive food truck and/or trailer. Haute Skillet is distinguished for its quality ingredients, exceptional presentations, farm to table quality and remarkable dishes from Chef Anna Andriese.

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